What type of question should I have in Ask an Insider?

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Service-related businesses have much to offer the community and advertising with a regular ad may not be as effective as providing useful information. As an alternative to a regular ad, we are introducing “Ask and Insider.” Some clients have indicated that this form of advertising is the most effective for them.

Your question should be brief and of unique interest to readers, perhaps giving information that they may not have otherwise known and would incline them to call you as the expert in your field.

Your answer should be 150 words at most. Formatting will be done for you as in this sample to include the question, answer, headshot, contact information and company logo.

Half page size is 5” x 4” and the cost is $250 plus GST. All “Ask and Insider” ads will also show on our website under a separate section.

Carolyne Palla
11839 Dunford Rd, Richmond