What is Purica Recovery?

How to reduce pain and improve healing

I heard there is a new “Recovery” product from Purica. Is this just an updated version of the old product?

Purica recently launched their Recovery 3.0 product, which takes a very different approach to reducing pain and improving healing than the original Recovery products. 

Recovery 3.0 contains curcumin (with 30% of it being in the bisdemethoxycurcumin [BDMC] form), hyaluronic acid, chaga, Applephenon (a potent antioxidant), magnesium, vitamin C, and Sensoril® Ashwagandha. It is important to note that BDMC is the most potent curcuminoid found in curcumin, which allows this formula to provide quick relief of pain due to inflammation.

Recovery 3.0 aims to reduce the detrimental impact of stress on our body tissues and protect against oxidative damage at the cellular level thus facilitating healing and theoretically protecting against future and long-term harm. 

The original Recovery formula also helps reduce inflammation and pain, but it does this more by providing the building blocks for building healthier tissues. The formulations can be used concurrently as their actions are complementary

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