What can I do for my pet’s joint pain?

Ask An Insider

If your pet (dog, cat, horse) is suffering from joint pain, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. If the issue can be remedied by supplementation, then consider Purica’s “Recovery™” for repairing an arthritic joint. Very few products can regenerate cartilage, tendons and ligaments like Recovery™ can. Key ingredients include glucosamine, MSM, and a special blend of green tea and wildberry extract called “Nutricol™.” The extra strength version adds hyaluronic acid, which could act as a sponge to draw fluid into joint capsules, increasing the shock-absorbing properties. Recovery™ is available as a powder or a tasty chew treat.

For joint maintenance, a quality omega fatty-acid supplement, such as “Bio-FATS™” by BiologicVET can complement Recovery™ beautifully. It will not only help lubricate your pet’s joints, but also help maintain a healthy coat, proper mental function, healthy heart, and supple lining for the gut and lungs.

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