Once known as the Sockeye Hotel, the 134-year-old Steveston Hotel is likely the longest-running business in the village.

The landmark building opened in 1895. It was renamed Steveston Hotel in 1908 and was one of six lodgings operating during the town’s glory years when the fishing industry was flourishing and a multitude of canneries lined the waterfront.

Much like today, the historic hotel housed a coffee shop and saloon on the main floor and a dozen rooms for rent on the second floor.

Steveston Hotel survived a devastating fire in 1918, which destroyed much of the community including three hotels. The establishment was used as a refuge for many people who were displaced after the fire, and housed the post office while Steveston was being rebuilt.

Over the years the façade has transformed from Victorian to Art Deco, to its current appearance reflective of the frontage of many buildings in the village. It is now in the process of receiving contemporary interior and exterior upgrades.

Joseph Richard Group (JRG) manages and oversees the Steveston Hotel, Steveston Cafe, Steveston Liquor Store and the Buck & Ear Barnand Grill.

Philippe Renaud is employed by JRG, a restaurant management group. He is the managing director of the Steveston Hotel. Philippe has worked for 20 years in notable hotels such as the Shangri-La in Vancouver, and he spent a number of years working in the hospitality industry in the Middle East.

He recently joined the Steveston Merchants Association’s board of directors and is eager to contribute his ideas and to have JRG be actively involved in the community.

Philippe is excited to discuss the changes that have already taken place and upcoming plans to continue to modernize the historic building. He says, “We addressed some needs of the amenities, public spaces and guest rooms to make things work more efficiently.”

The newly renovated superior rooms are now available to rent. Plumbing and electrical upgrades were addressed along with the installation of flat screen TVs and WiFi. The rooms also received new bedding and carpets. Wainscoting panels have taken the place of wallpaper; nautical artwork adds a fitting decorative touch along with contemporary bathrooms featuring subway-tiled showers with glass doors.

Phase two of the renovations is now taking place. The twelve economy rooms will merge to become six junior suites containing two rooms with an adjoining bathroom. This arrangement is perfect for families who need a little more space and will include one queen and two double beds.

The final phase will take place later in 2019 when the remaining five deluxe rooms will receive updates. In addition, a guest lounge will be created along with an amenity room with vending machines for snacks, drinks and ice.

Wesley Robinson is the hotel’s operation manager, and the general manager for the liquor store.

He mentions, “A value added bed and breakfast package has been created for guests to enjoy breakfast at the Steveston Cafe at a reasonable cost.”

The hotel’s total room inventory will reduce from 25 to 19 rooms with the improvements. Once the transformation is complete JRG will post new photos and videos through social marketing and host a media event.

Philippe says, “Steveston Hotel will continue to provide more value than the majority of hotels in Richmond or Vancouver, plus we’re located in the heart of Steveston Village which attracts many tourists with it’s history, boating tours, fresh seafood, and seaside charm.”

Finally, the building’s exterior will be repainted, signage will be updated and the awning will be replaced. Guests will be pleased with the 21st century conveniences offered within this historic building.

Steveston Hotel
12111 Third Ave, Richmond BC V7E 3K1
Telephone 604-277-9511