A new dining spot opened in Steveston village in June. Owned and operated by four Stevestonites, Steveston Built Local Taphouse is as local as it gets.

Justin Brow and Janey Yee oversee the day-to-day operations with the backing of their partners Graham and Kady Barlow. The friends’ vision was to join forces and open a restaurant for locals to eat, drink and socialize.

The nautically themed décor reflects our waterfront community. The blue plaid upholstered bench seats make you feel like you are aboard a yacht, industrial pendant lights hang above the tables, porthole mirrors hang from the wall, rustic wooden siding feels very seaside, and beautiful photographs of Steveston scenery by local photographer Melissa Skoda add to the atmosphere.

What I found most striking was the impressive brick wall, a nice connection to Steveston’s heritage (think the Hepworth Block on Moncton Street), which is branded with the company’s logo.

Justin and Janey come to the business with vast experience. They worked at Pioneer’s Pub in Richmond for many years and then decided it was time to open their own business. Their dream was to contribute their personal experience to their community.

“I grew up here and went to school locally. Steveston is my playground and my back yard.” Justin Brow

Most of Steveston Built’s staff are locals and live within walking distance of the restaurant. You will find twelve craft beers on tap including locally brewed Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks and Britannia Brewing Company, as well as a wine list with a good selection of wine from Australia, B.C., and California. A beer freezer to keep glasses frosted is a nice touch.

The vision was to create an establishment that is welcoming for individual customers, couples and groups. The long 20-seat bar is a perfect spot to enjoy a drink and watch a game on one of the big screens. Justin says, “A pretty regular crowd has already settled.”

What makes this spot special is its all-ages appeal.

Families feel equally at home with an affordable kid’s menu to keep all diners happy, along with other pub fare. Reasonably priced soup and sandwich specials make ordering lunch a breeze.

In addition, people are always searching for a new place in Steveston to have brunch and Steveston Built has responded by offering both Saturday and Sunday brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Live music is always a bonus on an evening out. Steveston Built’s goal is to showcase local musicians once a month.

Check out Steveston Built’s Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates. To date they have presented the Ukuladies of Lulu Island in addition to Pat Chessell and Irish Jimmy.
The newly introduced daily Appy Hour offers tasty treats including tempura green beans and mushrooms, Sriracha rib bites, chicken queso dip, ceviche wonton crisps, teriyaki steak bites and roasted red pepper hummus.

From the regular menu, Justin mentions, “Customers are saying our chicken wings are the best around. They are above and beyond typical chicken wings.”

Everything is made in house including desserts, toppings and sauces.

Popular handheld meals include the popular Reuben sandwich and four choices of burgers: the Asian salmon burger, beef Built burger, crispy buttermilk chicken burger and the Beyond Veggie burger which is hands down the best vegan burger I have ever tasted.

Breaking away from traditional fish and chips, Steveston Built offers an alternative with its fisherman pie (a creamy seafood filling with mash potatoes). Steak frites, grilled wild salmon and buffalo chicken mac & cheese are samplings of other entrees to be found.

Customers were requesting more gluten free and vegetarian options and the owners have responded with their new menu.

Comfort foods go hand in hand with lazy Sundays. As you brace for a busy week ahead, consider taking a night off from cooking and enjoy Steveston Built’s Sunday home-style dinner. Ever changing, some weeks it may be a roast beef dinner, while other Sundays the entrée may feature spaghetti Bolognese or barbecue ribs amongst others.

Justin mentions, “We have received a warm welcome from the other businesses in the village.”

Steveston Built is already becoming an active member of the community. The business enjoyed a very busy Canada Day, and has hosted some local fundraisers. They participated in the Steveston Merchant Association’s Girls’ Night Out and are preparing for the busy holiday season ahead. If you are looking for a great spot to host your office party this may be it!

Prior to the business opening the partners created some ball caps and t-shirts for their friends to promote Steveston Built. They became sought after commodities and are now being produced for sale – it could be the perfect gift idea for a Steveston Built regular.

It’s been a busy six months and Justin and his business partners are grateful for the support they have received to date.

He concludes, “Every day is different. I am enjoying meeting people and the conversations that unfold. It’s exciting to be part of this small community.”

Steveston Built Local Taphouse
130-12480 No 1 Road, Richmond, BC V7E 0A2
Telephone 604-447-4420