Enable Occupational Therapy

Family centered practice that utilizes evidence based treatment and assessment

Occupational Therapy (OT) is the art and science of enabling individuals to participate in meaningful activities or occupations by using evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning.

What do we mean by “occupation”? More than just work! In fact, most of what people do is considered an “occupation”.

For children and youth, occupations include: playing on the playground, tying shoe laces, attending school, riding a bike, working an after school job.

For adults, occupations include: working, exercising, maintaining a household, caring for children and pets.

For senior adults, occupations include: travelling, gardening, golfing, caring for grandchildren.

Enable can help everyone … with everything! An OT can be found almost anywhere.

In a hospital or rehab setting: examining a client’s thinking and memory, preventing skin wounds by prescribing special cushions or mattresses, prescribing wheelchairs or equipment such as grab bars or bath seats for the bathroom.

In the community: providing home safety assessments for clients with dementia, running groups for clients with mental health issues, providing rehabilitation or exercises at a clinic for clients with a stroke or brain injuries, testing power or manual wheelchairs for clients with spinal cord injuries providing vocational rehabilitation or workplace modifications for injured workers, teaching social skills to children with autism, teaching children with attention difficulties how to focus at school
prescribing bathroom equipment for patients with hip replacements or cerebral palsy.

Enable Occupational Therapy is a family centered practice that utilizes evidence based treatment and assessment. The team consists of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation Assistants/Kinesiologists.

Treatment to both adults and children in homes, the community, and within a clinic setting.

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