How do I choose the right probiotic?

Ask A Steveston Insider

We know probiotics are one of the most recommended supplements now. But there are many products with various claims that can be confusing. Look for these on the label:

1. Type: There are many known beneficial strains of probiotics. Pick the right strains for the right jobs, not all strains are the same.

2. Stability Testing: Stability testing is conducted under the same temperature as the recommended storage condition on the label. Make sure this info is there. Refrigeration required does NOT guarantee quality.

3. Shelf Life: There should be data supporting the label claim for CFU (Colony Forming Units) quantity guaranteed at date of expiration. Look for this on the label.

These three things on the label should guarantee you a quality probiotic. For specific functions, ask our pharmacists for the a recommendation suitable for you.

Steven Chang, Pharmacist & Owner

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