Can I reverse sun damage to my skin?

Ask A Steveston Insider

Wrinkles and age-spots are often associated with excessive sun exposure. Prevention is key. Natural, physical sunscreen that does not contain nano-particles and which is reapplied often is best. THINKBABY line (lightly scented with natural oils) and the ATTITUDE line (fragrance-free) are good for the entire family.

Dr. Morrell (MD), has a line of medical-grade skin-care that uses natural ingredients and offers several suncare options. In particular, the “DiMorelli BRIGHTENER” can gently exfoliate the skin, reduce inflammation, and reduce hyper-pigmentation with the use of witch hazel, and 3 natural acids derived from the likes of milk, wheat, soy, and mushrooms. Their “SPF 35 WITH VITAMIN E” uses 10% zinc oxide with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E as the main ingredients for a nice sunscreen that is safe on the face and can go under make-up.

PYCNOGENOL (by Organika) is extracted from the French maritime pine bark (from southwest France) for use in oral tablet and liquid forms as a potent anti-oxidant. For the skin, it promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production, leading to supple, hydrated, smooth, youthful skin.

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