Browcasso Micropigmentation

Steveston’s Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Calais Morimoto is a homegrown Stevestonite with an exotic name that originates from the port city of Calais, France. Prior to her birth, her grandmother and aunt were vacationing in France and phoned home to check in. Her mother instantly took a shining to the city’s name and thought it was perfect for her soon to be born baby.

Calais is the owner of Browcasso Micropigmentation on First Avenue, which opened two years ago. She comes from a family of local entrepreneurs. Her aunt and uncle own Steveston Seabreeze Adventures, her mother founded Damn Good Soap and her brother is a fisherman. In the 1980s her grandmother ran a children’s clothing boutique called Sunbeams, which was located in the same storefront where Browcasso now resides.

Her parents discovered the storefront was for lease while Calais was in Toronto training to become a certified micropigmentation specialist. They thought it would be an ideal space for their daughter to open her own studio. It seemed like it was meant to be, however there was a hitch, other tenants also wanted it, but fate worked its magic and she secured the shop. Today, Calais feels a sense of pride and connection when she steps inside Browcasso knowing that her grandmother worked in the same location.

In January 2015 renovations began. The space was transformed into a beautiful bright and open treatment room with a reception area divided by a partially frosted glass wall allowing plenty of light to flow through. Calais credits her mother, Paula Morimoto, for her exceptional taste and flair for design. The choices of gray laminate flooring and white walls with pale gray moulding are complemented by geometric wallpaper, mirrors, and elegant light fixtures create a relaxing environment appropriate for this waterfront village.

Browcasso offers microblading, eyeliner tattoo, eyelash extensions and lash lifts.

All of Browcasso’s services focus on aesthetically framing and enhancing their clients’ overall appearance. Perfectly arched, face-framing eyebrows are achieved through three methods: microblading (Browcasso’s most popular service), in addition to eyebrow shading and hair strokes.

Calais points out, “Microblading is the finest form of tattooing and has the most natural look and outcome.” This semi-permanent tattoo process uses tiny needles that make up a small blade to deposit pigment under your skin.

Other services include eyeliner tattoos to accentuate your eyes, lash lifts and eyelash extensions lengthen your lashes.

How did Calais get interested in this profession? She explains, “While I was in high school I frequently over plucked my eyebrows and tried every shape imaginable. My mom warned me that my eyebrows would not grow back but I didn’t listen.” She laughs and says, “They didn’t grow back. I only had about 20 hairs left.”

Searching for a solution for her over plucked eyebrows, Calais discovered microblading.

Calais has always had an artistic streak. “Since I was a little girl I always gravitated to drawing and the arts. A big part of my work entails drawing so it’s a natural evolution of my creative side to be able to incorporate art into my daily work,” she says.

For a peek at Calais’ work visit Browcasso’s Instagram and Facebook pages for before and after shots. She can take people with sparse eyebrows to a beautiful full and natural look.

Customers range from 18 to 85 years old. Although Browcasso’s clients are generally women the service isn’t only for females. In addition to brows that need filling, microblading also does wonders for people who have alopecia, eyebrow scars or have gone through chemotherapy.

Customer’s reactions are by far the most satisfying part of her work. Calais says, with a smile, “To able to bring something back that they once had makes me feel very happy. It’s heart warming.”

Colours are custom blended for each client to provide a natural look.

Calais mentions, “I work in an industry that is constantly evolving, therefore I believe in continuing my education by taking courses in Toronto on an ongoing basis, which in turn benefits my clients.”

Every day is a pleasure for this vibrant business owner as she works alongside her team who all reside in Steveston. Her best friend, Taylor Ross does eyelash extensions, her cousin Brianne Sameshima also does eyelash extensions and her mother works at the reception desk and does lash lifts.

Based in the village where she has lived her entire life, with her friends and family surrounding her, Calais is a Stevestonite through and through. She recently bought her first home and hopes that one day she will raise a family of her own here. Calais is also an advocate of supporting small businesses. “I strongly believe in choosing to support local businesses over big box and online shopping,” she says.

She concludes, “What’s not to love about the village? Steveston is where my heart is.”

Browcasso Micropigmentation
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